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Travel options are changing and adapting to new times and travelers needs. The glamping phenomenon is becoming an essential part of modern travel culture. If you are looking for the latest global glamping trends and news, we are bringing you some basic information and tips from the biggest glamping event of this year.


The Glamping Show USA 2022 - glamping in the spotlight


More than a hundred manufacturers of glamping equipment from all over the world will be showcasing their products and services from October 3–5, 2022 at Colorado's Arapahoe Country Fairgrounds Event Center as part of the "Glamping Show USA 2022". There is something for every aspiring as well as professional glamper on the 4,500 m2 of exhibition space and the conference, which is part of the show, will be no different.


The best will present the very best of the world’s glamping

Key topics in the show:

  • How to set up or make your own glamping and what outdoor equipment, including furniture, is suitable for glamping?
  • Sharing best practices for constructing and operating glamping.
  • What marketing tools and forms of communication should be used when selling and presenting a glamping property?


Tips for interesting glamping accommodation

We have selected several interesting and inspiring glamping concepts for you.

Australian Eco Structures

ecostructures (jpg)

One of the leading suppliers of glamping luxury tents and eco cabins. Eco Structures Australia - a cost-efective yet eco-friendly solution. The Australian creators have years of experience in manufacturing glamping equipment, dating back to the very beginning of this millennium.

South Africa's The Bushtec Safari

bushtecsafari (jpg)

The designer of canvas safari tents is from the foothills of South Africa's Dragon Mountains. The Bushtec Safari is considered an elite brand in the field of luxury glamping and their history traces back to the 1950s.

Belgian Authentic

autentic world (jpg)

Autentic Belgian tents add luxurious feel to basic camping. The elegance and sophistication of Belgian tents, where every detail is brought to perfection, helps you experience the magic of luxury camping.

British Sleeping Bubbles

sleepingbubbles (jpg)

Sleeping Bubbles Ltd. manufacturer of bubble tents from the United Kingdom. These are unconventional domes that are mostly transparent and offer an unforgettably glamorous view of the night sky.

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