1 Year Anniversary!

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1 Year Anniversary!

It passed in no time. And it was a busy year. After a subdued pandemic period, domestic tourism was fully working again. We managed to accommodate over 51 guests, who could choose out of 11 glamping areas throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Specifically, in the deer park near Count Kinský dal Borgo, we have prepared 99 breakfasts up to the bed, and 11 of you enjoyed the welcome package.

We would like to thank you all for your incredible support and trust. We hope that you have taken away a lot of good memories from your stays and that you may come back to us next season.


We would also like to take this opportunity to look back at the history of our Glampingcz project. The first brainstorming began in March 2019. The declaration of a pandemic for the whole territory of the Czech Republic stopped our daily rhythm, and we quickly understood that the world we knew had turned upside down and action was needed. In the first phase, we wanted to pass on our experience to the people around us and provide tips for trips around the Czech Republic. But we tried to distance ourselves from the offer of popular experiences. That is how the portal, BPR Czechia, was created.


It was more of a non-traditional experience, i.e., one that has not been available until now. In a shortage, we wanted the summer vacation to be more varied than usual for the Czechs. Only us - BPR, an event agency and a travel agency with a twenty-five-year tradition were behind the project.


We built the first glamping and connected with other builders interested in a place on our website.


The connections grew until these activities resulted in the need to establish its own unique portal Glampingcz.cz, which is no longer just about the offer of several glamping areas in the Czech Republic. Today, you will find the most beautiful glamping equipment from home and abroad, rental options, vouchers, or your investment.


And once again, thanks to everyone who supported us on this long journey. Thanks to all the visitors and our business partners. We appreciate your support. We intend to repay you with news, which there will be several in 2022!

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