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We are going to go glamping! Wait, we are going to go what? 

The term glamping is a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping”. Glamping is a modern trend that meets the standards of camping lovers, who are used to luxury and comfort. Let’s forget the low uncomfortable tents, which are flooded even after a minor storm.

Glamping offers you comfort, relaxation and digital detox in direct connection with the beauties of nature. And most importantly – now you can experience glamping for yourself in our beautiful Czech countryside. So come to our million stars hotels and try something new!


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Advice on what to do when glamping 

Your main goal when glamping should be to switch off. And by that we don’t only mean your mobile devices. Even though digital detox can help, you are the one thing that matters the most. It doesn’t matter if you spend your stay in a tent, tiny house, treehouse, caravan, or on an inhibited tree stand. Every glamping should be situated in a quiet and peaceful corner of the world, where you can fully enjoy your freedom and the beauty of the nature. The Czech Republic is full of amazing places and our glamping locations will help you explore many of them. Almost all our glamping locations have some beautiful curiosities and sights nearby.

So, if you decide to go glamping, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit at least some of these sights. It doesn’t matter what you will you decide to do during your glamping vacation. You can have breakfast in the grass, you can take a walk, you can spend your evening in bed with a good book or you can spend your evening outside with a bottle of wine. And then after a beautiful evening you can cozy up under your blanket and after a deep quality sleep wake up into the beautiful Czech nature.

If you decide to try it out, you will for sure fall in love with glamping.